Frequently Asked Referral Questions

Our Case Managers will work with you to answer any questions you may have. Ask to speak with a Case Manager at your local Palms’ office or call 1-888-730-2374.

How long will my referral take?

The time your referral will take depends on many factors. Palms Medical Group strives to complete your referrals as quickly as possible. However, some circumstances are out of our control. After Palms processes the referral, the specialist will contact you. The amount of time this takes varies with each referral. In some cases, your insurance company may require an authorization to be obtained before your appointment or test can be scheduled. Given these factors, it can take several weeks for your referral to be processed. Be assured, however, that Palms works to provide you with the fastest service possible.

How will my specialist be chosen?

The choice of specialist for your referral is a complex decision. In some cases, your provider may prefer a particular specialist for you. In many cases, the choice of specialist will be governed by your insurance. If a specialist is out-of-network for your insurance or does not accept your insurance, your out-of-pocket costs could be considerably higher. We will do our best to select a qualified specialist that accepts your insurance and is conveniently located.

I am having an imaging study. Is there any preparation I need to do before the test?

If you are scheduled for an imaging study, such as an MRI, CT or ultrasound, some preparation for the exam may be necessary. Palms or the imaging facility will contact you prior to the appointment and will tell you how to prepare for the exam. If you have any questions about your preparation or exam, please contact your provider, our office, or the imaging facility performing the study.

I recently had an imaging study/visit with a specialist. How quickly will my provider at Palms Medical Group receive my reports?

The time it will take for your provider to receive your reports will depend on the office that you visited. Some offices are able to provide reports very quickly, while others are not. In the case of imaging studies, it may take two weeks or more for a report to be received. If there is a troubling finding on an imaging study, your provider will be notified immediately.

Can your office provide me with copies of records from my specialist's office?

Yes! Palms Medical Group creates and maintains your medical record in regards to your care and treatment. We also save any copies of reports that we receive from your specialists. There is a fee for copying health records. If you request a copy of your records, you will be charged $1.00 per page, up to 25 pages. Thereafter, it will cost $0.25 per page in excess of 25 pages, payable before your records are released to you.

How do I make an appointment?

Call the Palms office most convenient to you to schedule an appointment. We encourage same-day appointments. Just give us a call and schedule a time that works for you.

What services are offered at Palms Medical Group?

Palms offers complete primary care. We also provide specialty care, including pediatric, chiropractic and behavioral care, dentals services and behavioral health. We have pharmacies at three locations (Bell, Trenton, Branford.) For a detailed list of services see our Services and Locations page.

How do I pay for the services?

We accept most insurance plans. Our Financial Services Specialists will work with you to review payment options. See the Payment Options page for more information.

Do I get to choose my own doctor?

Yes! When calling to make an appointment, let the receptionist know which doctor you would like to see. If you need immediate attention and your primary provider isn't available, another provider will be happy to see you.

Do you have Spanish speakers at each location?

We have access to a Spanish translator at all locations and Spanish speakers at some locations.